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Web Development is Complicated


Despite all the advancements that have been made in web development and content management, developers looking to build small, custom, easily-editable sites still find themselves battling build scripts, complex frameworks, and demanding CMSs - tools designed for massive sites that make small projects exhausting. Primo new approach of putting everything you need to develop and manage a site in one simple application enables you to unlock faster development, easier content management, and better websites.

Faster Development

Start building immediately

Setting up a new project can take days and integrating a CMS is a chore. With primo, you can go from thinking up an idea to actually creating it in seconds.

Build self-contained components

Files are nice, but they’re not a fun way to build components. primo’s editor lets you focus on one component at a time - building them and making them editable by fields at the same time.

Build a component library

Instantly convert a component into a Symbol so you can use it across your site - keeping its code consistent while its data varies.

Code from the cloud

No more cloning and installing and building, so go ahead and make that quick color change from your iPad. And you can invite collaborators - whether they're content editors or developers.

Easier Content Management

Write on the frontend

Primo makes editing and updating content feel as easy and familiar as working in a document editor. Content editors can format page copy with markdown or by using the toolbar.

Update components directly

See something you want to update on your site? Instead of wasting time digging through a complicated CMS, just click edit on the component itself to edit that component in isolation, then see a live preview of the change as you update its fields.

Build whole new pages

Using the page sections and Symbol library, authors can easily build entirely new page layouts.

Better Websites


It's a matter of fact that static sites load faster, and there's very little you can do in the way of plugins, services, and hacks to make a site load as quickly when it's not just a few files on a server. And since it’s just HTML and CSS, it’ll render quickly too.

More Secure

Since your website is just a collection of files, there’s nothing to hack or inject.

More Scalable

A server-hosted site can be brought down by a sudden influx of traffic. Since static sites don’t run on a server (basically), you rarely have to worry about keeping an eye on traffic.

More Maintainable

Forget about the site for months at a time without worrying about it breaking. When you come back, your CMS is right where you left it.

Cheapity Cheap

Publish your primo sites for free on hosts like Vercel and Netlify.

primo version 1.0.0

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