Future features and works in progress

Even though primo's already super useful, there's a lot of room to grow - here's what's coming up on the docket. If any of these excite you and you'd like to help out, feel free to grab a feature or join the Discord to see how you can help.

  • Load data from an API - Use primo with other CMSs/data sources

  • Server-side Rendering - Necessary for keeping external data up to date

  • Desktop app - Build primo sites from your desktop (faster & offline)

  • Tailwind Intellisense - Create components using Tailwind Intellisense in the IDE

  • Svelte Component Type - Create Svelte components alongside HTML/CSS/JS components

  • Service Workers - Create service workers from within primo to enable multithreading and offline functionality

  • Custom Sections - Build reusable page sections by defining each columns tags and classes

  • Offline Support

If you'd like to help bring any of these ideas to life (or you have another one in mind), join our Discord to see how you can help out.