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Site builders make websites a breeze, but lock you into a closed system where what used to take a couple keystrokes becomes tedious at best and impossible at worst. Primo is a new kind of site builder - one that lets you leverage the power of HTML, CSS, and JS to build sites that are easier to edit, faster to load, and cheaper to host.

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Pick your components

Hit the ground running by choosing from primo's growing library of responsive, interactive, accessible components.

Build your components

Build on your existing components or start from scratch. TailwindCSS makes styling a breeze and Skypack puts any JS library within reach.

Manage your content

Write copy directly on the frontend and update components from clearly defined fields. Managing your content has never been easier.

Serve it fast, host it cheap

Publish your lightning-fast static site on just about any web host and never think about plugin, server, and security updates again.

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