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primo is an all-in-one, open-source app for building and managing static sites

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The all-in-one way to do websites

  • Start in seconds

    Create a new website with a click. Develop and manage your site using your custom components without a touch of setup.
  • Develop with Svelte

    Use the world’s most powerful UI language to build everything from landing pages to apps using HTML, CSS, and a pinch of JS.
  • Manage your content

    Easily update content directly on the page or from isolated fields. Invite collaborators to edit code & content.

  • Component Library

    Get up and running with a library of components (or build your own) and use your custom components across your sites.
  • Build better websites

    Lightning-fast load times. SEO. Accessibility. Pixel-perfect on laptops, phones, and fridges. We're talking 100 lightning scores.
  • Host it anywhere

    Deploy directly from primo to your host of choice (including Vercel) or download your site to host it anywhere else.

Frequently asked questions

Forever. primo's source code is hosted publicly on Github and always will be, so we couldn't charge for it if we wanted to.

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