The magical, all-in-one

Get right into the code, build reusable components, and deploy a delightfully editable static site. Building small custom websites shouldn’t be so complicated. Now, it isn’t.

Use from your browser

Get to the code

Edit your site component-by-component (each with encapsulated styles) and use Tailwind and your favorite JS libraries with zero setup.

Edit with ease

Write and edit content on the frontend and add fields in seconds to easily edit structured content. It doesn't get easier than this.

Create a component library

Create a new component, add it to your library, then place it anywhere on your site. And when you update it, every instance of it gets updated too.

Commit your data

Site data and images get committed to Github so you can track code and content changes and keep your data where you can see it.

Deploy a static API

Access your page and site content from anywhere by deploying a static API that gets updated alongside site updates. No maintenance, no fuss.

Build a static site

Everytime you publish your changes, primo builds a lightning-fast static site (i.e. just HTML & CSS) which you can deploy to your host of choice.

primo is in public beta as of October 2020