a next-gen, dev-friendly alternative to WordPress

Leave the rigid themes and needy servers to the Fortune 500s. primo is a new all-in-one way to develop fast, secure, easily editable websites - one block at a time.

features The all-in-one way to build websites

Hit the ground running with primo's ready-to-use components or start from scratch. Manage your content yourself or invite collaborators. Host your site anywhere and never sweat a security update again.

Component-Driven IDE

Use primo's built-in components out of the box or modify them right from your browser. Build your own library using TailwindCSS and use your components across websites.

Delightful CMS

Write content directly on the frontend. Update components right where they are. Build entire new page types using the component library without touching any code.

Static Site Generator

Publish your lightning-fast static site on just about any web host and never think about plugin, server, and security updates again. Server-side rendering coming soon.

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