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Making small custom websites is complicated. primo is an IDE/CMS that lets you easily develop and manage your site visually, right from your browser. That way you can skip the frameworks, build scripts, servers, and get down to business.

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Everything you need to make primo websites, in one place.

An IDE for web people

Start developing your site immediately and use TailwindCSS and JS modules out of the box. Build and integrate components in no time.

A CMS for normal people

Invite anyone to easily edit copy right on the frontend using Markdown (or the toolbar) and update component data in clearly defined fields.

Components for everybody

Create a new component, add it to your library, then use it across your site. Or start with free, ready-to-use components from the Public Library.

Git-backed changes

Your site content and media get committed to Github, so you always have a backup if things go haywire.

An API in case you need it

Connect your website to your mobile app or another CMS by using your site's static API. Currently in beta.

The fastest site in the west

Publish your lightning-fast static site to your host of choice and don't think about it again until you want to.

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primo version 1.0.0