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primo is a modern alternative to WordPress that gives marketers, developers, and DIYers the power to build beautiful, lightning-fast websites in a weekend. Whether you need to customize your site or build new components, you can do it all with HTML, CSS, and JS.

Content / Customization hyper-focused content management,
bare-metal customization

Whether you hand off the site or edit it yourself, primo's CMS is a distraction-free delight. And when you need more out of your site you have direct access to its source code, so you never have to worry about hitting a ceiling or getting locked in.

Focus on content

Edit content right on the page like you'd edit a document and update components from isolated fields. And build new pages with components.

Code when you need it

Use primo's built-in IDE to modify your site right from your browser and build reusable components with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Own your website

Primo gives you full control over your own hosting so your sites can scale to millions of visitors and load near-instantly for free.

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"primo sets up a site-builder that handles the dev-ops stuff but leaves CSS, HTML, and front-end Javascript up to designer/developers. So you get the advantages of 2021 with the simplicity and entry-level ease of 1994."

John Williams Senior Developer, Ozmo

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